Side by side church is a bible-based, inter-denominational Ministry with a passion to share the good news of Jesus Christ with a Pentecostal back ground in all activities of the Church . we are a community of communities, a congregation with a place for everyone and the headquarters for side by side Churches in Uganda. We strive to include children and youth in all aspects of our lives. We care for one another and also reach out to women and children.
Side by side church plays an active role in the lives of her members, her nation and the world at large.
We have worked to carry out our Christian commitment to one another in the same way we have worked with community outside doors, offering a worship program and activities centered in the knowledge and love of Christ.
It is our desire that this church will encourage Christians to spread the gospel set forth in God’s Word throughout our community and the world.

Outreach :
Side by side Church has always engage in different outreach activities to reach the communities both spiritually and physically. We hold gospel crusades and door to door evangelism to the unreached with the purpose of winning souls for Christ as the Bible requires in Mark 16:15
‘And He said unto them go into the whole world and preach the gospel to all creations.’
Also international evangelists are welcome to preach and teach through this ministry. Also door to evangelism is carried out in order to reach the unreached.