FEEDING THE HUNGRY :This is basically done for young ones (children). Generous people bring what they can in order to eliminate starvation. Most of these Children have gone through traumatic periods. As a result of the ongoing epidemic,many children are now orphans of HIV/AIDS and some of them are being infected by the virus.Having seen their parents die one after another from AIDS,MALARIA and related diseases, they are either left to cater for themselves or they are taken away from their homes by unscrupulous relatives with siblings often separated.At worst extreme,children are being locked in houses by step parents or by distant relatives, children of prisoners are left without care at all and being forced to go without food.
Young girls are abused sexually and young boys used for hard labor hence results into them running to streets at least to eat on garbage!Sadly children are being kidnapped and sacrificed for cultural rituals through witchcraft. Also girl children are being circumcised.The stories are harrowing but the situation is not hopeless because we have all our hope in the Lord.The outcry has made us resolve to raise and assist these needy children to access food education and parental care etc, we are seeking individual, Churches, organizations to partners with us to advance this work.

Our mission for grace care is to train orphans and disadvantaged children by showing them the love of God through the gospel of actions. Matthew 25:35.
To accomplish this we show them love by providing shelter, clothing, medical care,food and education. We discipline them to grow up on a firm foundation of our Lord. We are looking forward to seeing these sad children in a better situation and enjoying their childhood the way God intended it to be.
Grace Care is to give love and hope to the hopeless, destitute and abandoned children to have a promising future like other children.
There are over 2.4 million orphans in Uganda regardless of other categories of vulnerable children more than any other country in the world today,and Many of them are found in garbage collections for food and without going to school. We are dedicated to provide these children with education and other basic needs of life to break illiteracy and vicious circle of poverty .


The Life Care school project aims to educate needy Ugandan children who would otherwise have no hope of education. Uganda has a young population with nearly 50% (48.5%) of the population under 15, and a large number of these children live in extreme poverty, so the needs are very great. The project is entirely staffed and run by local Ugandans, and looking for financial support from overseas.
Side by side Christ Ministries currently operates one primary school, in the southern suburbs of Kampala, called Life Care Academy, and also send some students to other various schools and has acquired land near Kampala where it hopes to build a secondary boarding school to take the graduates from primary school.

Life Care Academy, Kyamula, Kampala
Life Care Academy was started by Ugandan pastor, Emmanuel Kamuli in 2009, with only the support of his church, to provide schooling (and two hot meals a day) to needy children in the local area. Most children are orphans, who are cared for by relatives or volunteer foster families, with the remainder being from single parent families.
Starting with a single-entry level class, Life Care Academy now has 9 classes and around 210 children. There is more demand for places than the school can provide, so only the most needy children are accepted. The children are happy to go to school and appreciate anything that is provided – a new pencil is a treat. Many of the children are orphans taken in by relatives who have no money to support them. Wherever possible such children are accepted into the school, and continue to live with their relatives. Orphans with no relatives, have been placed with foster families in the church.

The children get two meals a day and cooking is on a wooden fire. Food is provided at the mid-morning break (black tea and a small snack) and at lunch, usually bean stew and rice or posho; a nutritious diet but lacking in variety.

Teachers are volunteers who are given a small allowance, and funds are required to provide permanent teachers with salaries.
The Life Care Academy is at present housed in temporary wooden classrooms and some are semi- permanent on the church property. There is an urgent need to provide both permanent facilities for the present school population, and to expand the facility to enable more children to be helped off the streets and out of extreme poverty.
At the school facilities are basic, but children are learning in a safe and caring environment.
The school needs some maintenance and improvement of facilities, and expansion of the currently crowded classes. Many orphans and other struggling parents would welcome the opportunity of being able to send their children to the school, if facilities could be expanded, and if more children could be sponsored.
The Life Care Academy needs some site works to prevent erosion, and improvement of facilities, but from 2017 offers a full primary education to year 7. In the longer term some improvements are required to the classrooms to meet a conducive environment to students

The planned secondary school will enable the children to continue their education. The secondary school will include dormitory accommodation, to house children who have no foster families or who cannot travel to school on a daily basis.

The land for the secondary school has been acquired and plans for the site are being completed. It is intended to establish a staged building program, so that the project can be expanded as funds allow. The first item required is a water well to provide adequate water for all preliminary works and then future school use.


•159 children need sponsors to access elementary education and other basic needs in life, to sponsor a child cost $50 for day schooling and $80 for those in boarding.
41 Children need sponsors to access High or secondary school and other basic needs,to one of such is $80 per month in a boarding school.

•Building program at the secondary school. The full program will cost over $930,000 but the school can start once initial buildings and the well have been constructed.

•Sponsorship for children graduate from primary school to continue their education at secondary boarding schools in the gap before the secondary school is built. Fees including boarding and travel, uniforms etc are estimated at US$900 pa per child Scholarships will be awarded to the children achieving top marks in the external end of year examination. These are the brightest children, who have already overcome significant disadvantage in their short lives, and deserve more than for their education to end at the age of 13.

•Teacher sponsorship at Life Care to supplement their meagre allowances. It is intended that one year contracts be offered to the best teachers. Costs are $1800 per teacher per year or $150 per month. This will enable retention of the better teachers, and avoid the
disruption that comes when teachers leave in the middle of the academic year.

To donate for building programs , Child or teacher’s sponsorship and to donate for running costs, for the details contact,
Pastor Emmanuel Kamul
Email: sidebysidecm@yahoo.com
Phone: +256772499034
Website: sidebysidechrist.org

Africa and Uganda in particular lacks safe and clean water, so we are looking for an organization we can partner with to help provide and extending clean water to areas where there is no clean water by building protected springs,drilling bore holes,shallow wells,piped water extension from urban to rural areas to prevent water born diseases. So we welcome every one to work with us to bring clean water to communities, this will prolong the life span of the people of Uganda communities. We hope to bring life to communities by providing safe and clean water.